GENCapital offers investment management, financial planning and business advisory services for individuals, families and organizations. We assist our clients with portfolio management, banking transactions, business growth, retirement planning, trust advisory, and much more. Our team of vigilant and unbiased advisors partner with you to deliver a plan tailored to your goals. We focus on providing sound financial advice and adhere to the highest fiduciary standards to service not only the current generation, but also for generations to come.

Business Advisory

  • Understanding the value of your business
  • Tax Mitigation Strategies
  • Wealth Transition and Succession Planning
  • Acquisition and Liquidation Consulting
  • Banking Advice

Financial Planning

  • Family Dynamics
  • Comprehensive Estate Planning
  • 5 year Forward Cash Flow Modeling
  • Asset and Liability Planning
  • Insurance and Risk Management

Investment Management

  • Investment Due Diligence
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Asset Management and Investment Advice
  • Tax Efficient Investing
  • Employing a Fiduciary Process
Think of us as your personal CFO

Business Advisory

Capitalizing on our vast experience in the banking and financial services industries, we go beyond traditional wealth management services. GENCapital consults our clients on acquisitions, liquidations, and real estate investments, among many other areas. Our success is based on your success – no matter the type of investment.

Business owners and partners face several challenges and opportunities in connection with growing and protecting the value of their equity and planning their eventual exit. We are able to assist at several points along the way.

There is a broad range of retirement savings plans (including 401Ks and defined benefit pension plans) and employee benefit plans (such as health and disability insurance). We can help you understand the strategies and opportunities that exist, and leverage the right ones – whether your goal is attracting and retaining talent, or benefiting key employees or owners.

At a certain point, every business owner gives thought to how their business can continue to thrive at the point of their retirement or death­– and how their family’s equity can be protected. We can assist in conjunction with your chosen attorney in the area of business-succession planning, buy-sell planning, and key person insurance.

When the time comes to transition out of your business and convert your equity to cash, we can help you evaluate how this significant transition impacts your retirement and estate planning needs.

Financial Planning

Financial success must start with a plan. Getting there is not as difficult as it might seem.

We start by sitting down to assess where you are today: what you own, what you owe, what you earn and what you spend. We gain a shared understanding of your starting point. From there, we talk through your true financial goals as well as your specific hopes and dreams. We discuss your financial fears and how to overcome them. We talk about the potential obstacles to your plan and their various possible solutions.

Our comprehensive approach to financial planning looks at your entire picture: your budgeting and cash flow; your insurance and financial security; your strategies and progress in saving for retirement, college, and other important lifetime goals; and how all of this is integrated with your tax and estate planning. One of the great benefits of going through this process is the confidence you gain to go forward and make decisions based upon thoughtful conclusions.

Work with us to take a top-down look at your whole financial picture. We can help you get the perspective you need, and get you closer to financial security as well as the goals and objectives you value most highly.

Investment Management

There is no shortage of investment choices for today’s investor, and there is no shortage of investment advice. The challenge is not to capitalize on the latest investment opportunity, trend, or economic news. Rather, the key to success is to filter out the background noise and concentrate on a few opportunities that have the strongest likelihood of success given your unique personal and familial circumstances.

Our emphasis is on taking the time to first understand your needs and preferences prior to recommending investments. When we do turn to portfolio design, we do so with a strong theoretical understanding of historical returns, tax implications, and other characteristics of the different asset classes. We help you implement a portfolio strategy that is in line with your ultimate objectives, anchored by investment principles that have withstood the test of time.

We take great pride in putting your investments on the right track and staying in touch with you throughout the ups and downs of both the market and of life. Let’s look together at your portfolio as it stands today and determine how it should be positioned to ensure it us there when you need it tomorrow and for generations to come.

Position your investments for generations

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