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GENCapital is a wealth management firm offering investment management, financial planning, and business advisory services for individuals, families and organizations. Going beyond traditional investment strategies, they strive to partner with clients to deliver a customized plan for success. Based within the Concourse Complex in Atlanta, the firm was started by Brookfield resident Jeff Buice, along with Partner and Senior Investment Advisor, Andy Murphy.

I recently met with Jeff to discuss his business, and how he believes he can assist Brookfield and Wexford families and business owners in meeting their financial and lifestyle goals.

What lead to the founding of GENCapital?
We started GENCapital in September of 2016, having been at UBS Financial Services for approximately 10 years, in addition to our previous financial and real estate experience. Prior to working for UBS, I worked as a consultant with clients in information technology and have also worked extensively with my family’s real estate business. Andy, on the other hand, has over 25 years’ experience working in the banking and financial industries. The firm was founded on the belief of providing objective, transparent, and knowledgeable financial advice because it’s the right thing to do. We are advice-based, client-centric advisors who prefer to sit on the same side of the table with you.

Tell us about your company’s experience …
GENCapital is very fortunate to offer our Investment Advisory services through Main Street Financial Solutions, LLC, a federally Registered Investment Advisor based in the Northeast. As part of the Main Street Financial Solutions team, we have the unique opportunity of leveraging the experienc of GENCapital’s partners as well as those of Main Street Financial Solutions. Our team consists of certified wealth advisors and financial planners with decades of experience in a variety of industries who are committed to building long-term relationships and building your wealth for generations.

Share your client service model for the relationship between you and your clients.
ALWAYS listen to your client. I think my mom’s favorite saying to me growing up was “God gave you two ears and one mouth. Jeff, why do you think he did that?” The older I get, the more I appreciate the wisdom in that rhetorical question. Too often people talk over one another versus trying to listen and understand what is being said. I learned early on that whatever it is I have to say can wait—listen to the client first and speak second.

I think many times, we as advisors, can over-complicate our business. We are essentially building a bridge. The first step in getting to know an individual/family/business owner is striving to understand not only their goals, but also their concerns (what keeps them up at night).

Next, we assist the client in achieving individual, family and/or business goals, taking steps to ease any concerns along the way. Those goals or concerns are typically different for each person, family, or business owner. I enjoy problem solving, and to be a holistic advisor and wealth manager, I must do much more than pick and manage investments for my clients.

What is your biggest inspiration in life?
My biggest inspiration is my family. Each person is not only loyal, but also caring. We have been through a variety of ups and downs, but there is not a person in our immediate or extended family that wouldn’t give you the shirt off his or her back if you needed it. That is rare nowadays.

I try and show that same caring loyalty to my clients. I truly enjoy working with people while getting to know and understand their unique situations. I feel a strength of mine is in being a good ‘people person’. I authentically enjoy the people interaction part of what I do for a living.

What sets you apart from other wealth management firms?
GENCapital’s investment philosophy is advice-based and not transaction-based, so as a result, we can provide objective financial solutions tailored to each individual client or corporation. We offer complimentary consultations, and assist our clients with everything from investments and college savings to retirement planning and more.

We understand that the particular need that is driving the selection of your wealth manager today might be very different than what you need one year, five years or even 20 years from now, and as a result I work hard to maintain the unique, and current, situation of each client.

A collaborative approach is typically the most beneficial for our clients, we find that as we work alongside their other trusted advisors (attorneys, CPAs, etc.) we are able to deliver the best solutions necessary for their unique situations. Think of us as your personal CFO. Our success is truly based on your success.

Tell us a bit about yourself and family …
I am an Atlanta native, although there aren’t too many of us around anymore, it seems. My wife Stephanie might as well be, as she has lived in the Atlanta area for most of her life. We met at the University of Georgia and moved to Marietta shortly after we graduated.

After living in Marietta for about eight years and having three new additions to the family over that time (our two daughters Hayley and Caroline and our chocolate lab Allie), we wanted a slightly bigger home, so we moved to Roswell in 2011. The rest, as they say, is history!

Steph and I recently celebrated our 15-year wedding anniversary, and Hayley (11) is in 6th grade at Crabapple Middle, while Caroline (8) is in 3rd grade at Mountain Park Elementary. We currently attend North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, and in my spare time I enjoy the outdoors and watching UGA football games in the fall.

What can residents of Brookfield and Wexford expect when meeting with you to discuss their financial needs and goals?
What we are creating at GENCapital is a boutique wealth management firm with a focus on value over quantity. Our clients appreciate our team’s expertise, resource base and oversight. We provide our clients with access to best of breed products and resources in banking, investments, insurance, real estate and more via multiple providers, platforms and experts. Additionally, we value the safety and security our clients desire regarding their investments and financial planning and have multiple layers of accountability starting locally with GENCapital, centrally with Main Street, and ultimately with our custodians such as TD Ameritrade Institutional and Charles Schwab Institutional. Yet, we remain quite nimble!

At GENCapital, we focus on planning for generations and generations to come. We will partner with our clients, their business, and their families. Whether we are teaching the next generation the power of a dollar, discussing paying for education, or helping plan for retirement, you can rely on us.

For more information and the latest on GENCapital, contact us, connect with GENCapital on LinkedIn, or call (404) 891-6970.

GENCapital is a wealth management firm offering investment management, financial planning and business advisory services for individuals, families and organizations. With a concierge approach, extensive resources and generations of experience, we go beyond traditional investment strategies and partner with you to deliver a plan customized to your goals. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, our team of qualified and reliable professionals is committed to developing long-term relationships and building your wealth for generations.

For more information, contact us.

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